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Vulcan Anti-Limescale for Bath & Shower

Amazing results to reducing limescale in Baths, Shower nozzles sinks and toilet pans.

Vulcan Anti-Limescale for Kitchen & Sinks

Vulcan dissolves existing limescale from washing machines, dishwashers and hot water tanks

Easy to clean sinks and counters.

Vulcan Anti-Limescale for Pools & Spa

The most effective way to reduce the limescale damage to Swimming Pools and Spas

Eco-Friendly and Healthy to drink

Vulcan does not use Salt, Chemicals or Magnets

Home Benefits

Commercial Benefits

How Vulcan works

Vulcan Video

  • Vulcan is an eco-friendly alternative to water softeners.
  • No Salt, No Chemicals or Magnets.
  • Made in Germany
  • All minerals retained and water is safe to drink.
  • Models for homes, commercial and industrial application
  • Works on metal, copper, compound and plastic pipe sizes from – 15mm to 500mm 

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“for a couple of months we have had the Vulcan S250 installed inside the hospital. We can identify a considerable benefit of the unit installed. We can barely see any scale deposits on the shower heads anymore. This saves manpower and costs of the exchange of sanitary equipment.”

Jonh Behrens

Service Manager, Gegenbauer

“after receiving a very satisfactory result from the Vulcan S25, we plan to entrust the Vulcan descaler range with any future scale or rust problems in the Le Meridien N;fis”

A. Moursil

Technical Director, Le Meridien N'fis

“we have noticed substantial improvement with our food warmers, steam ovens, kitchen sinks and restrooms since the Vulcan S25 anti-limescale system was installed”

Chin Lam

CEO, The Water Margin at the O2 Arena

“water refills the evaporated water of the 8 cooling towers. Right after installation the usual problems with scale build up of the sensitive conductive sensors stopped. Before that we had to claean them on a 4-week interval”

H. Schmidt

Technical Director, BOSCH & Siemens