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Refer a friend

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How does the referal program work?
Once you have purchased a Vulcan system from CWT, you will have an account number allocated to you. There are two ways that the referrer program works;

  1. You complete the online form by entering your required details as well as the details of your friend and submit this to us. We will then contact your friend to process their enquiry.
  2. You give your friend your account number, last name and post code and your friend can complete the referrer form and submit this to us. We will then contact the person to progress their enquiry.

When can I refer a friend?
As long as you’re a CWT customer, you can refer a friend any day, any time.

When will we get the £50 credit?
We’ll release your £50 credit 30 days after your friend’s order has been shipped. To clarify, you won’t receive your £50 credit immediately after filling in this page – you’ll get it 30 days after your friend has purchased a Vulcan system and the order has been shipped.

Your friend will receive the £50 as a credit off the purchase price at the time of order.

The legal stuff

This offer cannot be used with any other offer or promotion.

Refer a friend: To receive the Refer a friend credit, you must be an existing CWT customer.  You can make any number of referrals.

CWT reserve the right to

  • withdraw this offer at our discretion at any time without notice
  • remove or clawback credits applied through the Refer a friend scheme if fraud or abuse is suspected or credits are made in error.

Referral channels: A referral via CWT or our online Refer a friend site will require you or your friend to complete the online form and submit it to CWT for processing. Your friend will also qualify for the Refer a friend offer once they have purchased a Vulcan system and have a valid account number.

Credit: The Refer a Friend credit is applied to your friend’s account automatically and will appear on his/her invoice. Your credit will be applied to your account 30 days after your friend’s order has been shipped. If your friend cancels their order within the first 28 days, or if we are unable to proceed with the sale for any reason, we may remove the Refer a friend credit from both accounts.

Credits will not be:

(a) applied retrospectively;

(b) used to reduce any outstanding charges owed by you or your friend to CWT (the outstanding balance must be paid in full before the credit will be applied);

(c) applied to you or your friend’s account or exchanged for cash if the agreement between you or your friend and CWT is terminated for any reason.

If you pass your friend’s details to CWT, you confirm that you have your friend’s permission to do so. CWT reserve the right to amend or withdraw the referrer program at any time without notice.