Residential descaler

Hard water and limescale solution for flats, apartments, family homes, power showers, small swimming pools and spas. Removes existing limescale from pipes and equipment.
For pipe sizes from 15mm to 50mm

Vulcan V3000, Vulcan V5000
Vulcan S10, Vulcan S25

Commercial descaler

Removes existing limescale from pipes and equipment. Save on repairs, maintenance and cleaning, lower energy costs. Ideal for factories hospitality, offices, apartment blocks etc.  Minimise legionella risk.
For pipe sizes from 76mm to 150mm

Vulcan S10, Vulcan S25, Vulcan S50
Vulcan S100, Vulcan S150, Vulcan S250

Industrial descaler

No salt or aggressive chemical dosing. Removes existing limescale from pipes and equipment and protects against rust and corrosion.
Minimise legionella risk.
For pipe sizes from 150mm to 1000mm

Vulcan S250, Vulcan S350, Vulcan S500
Vulcan X-Pro 1, Vulcan X-Pro 2

Advanced German technology for the treatment of hard water and limescale.

No salts, chemicals, magnets or metal alloys

Reduce the limescale effect

Vulcan uses capacitive pulses to change the limescale structure to reduce visible limescale by up to 90%*. Works on all pipe types. Self install – no need to cut pipes. Water feels softer, lathers more, tastes better and is safe to drink.

Dissolves existing limescale

Vulcan helps to dissolve existing limescale from pipes and equipment by changing the carbonic balance in the water. Improves energy efficiency by up to 30%. Better water pressure and eco-friendly.

Protects against rust & corrosion

Lower repairs, maintenance, servicing and energy costs by creating a protective metal carbonate layer  to protect and prolong the lifespan of equipment and appliances. No need for salts or expensive chemical dosing.

Vulcan descaler benefits..

Safe to drink water

Healthy minerals remain in the water.
Water is safe to drink and use – No salts, chemicals, magnets or metal alloys

Save up to 30% on energy costs

Vulcan descaler improves energy efficiency up to 30% by removing existing  limescale from pipes, appliances, equipment and heating systems


No need for salt, chemicals, magnets or metal alloys. Suitable for residential, commercial & industrial use

Save on repairs & renewals

Vulcan descaler prolongs the life span of appliances & equipment by removing existing limescale and improving efficiency.

Reduce limescale deposits

Vulcan descaler reduces limescale from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, shower nozzles, aerators & basins by up to 90% 

Works on all pipe types

Vulcan descaler works on all pipe types including iron, copper, metal, compound and plastic pipes from 15mm to 1000mm

Removes existing limescale

Vulcan descaler removes limescale from pipes, appliances and equipment. Sanitises entire pipe system. Minimises legionella risk.

Easy self install

No tools required and no ongoing servicing or maintenance costs. Can be easily removed and re-installed when you move home.


Protects pipes & equipment

Vulcan descaler creates a fine protective metal carbonate layer to protect pipes, equipment, appliances and water heaters from rust & corrosion. 

Vulcan descaler latest news..

Dubai – Emaar Marina Plaza

Before Vulcan S100 was installed in hotel’s main hot water line, the storage tanks had a solid 3 cm thick scale layer inside them and the pumping pressure from the booster set was at maximum while being unable to deliver adequate water pressure to the end of the line hotel rooms. After the 3 months period, an inspection of the inside of the storage tanks revealed that the scale layer was soft allowing them to mechanically clean them removing most of the calcium deposits.

Nissan Motors specifies Vulcan S25 descaler

Since Vulcan S25 was installed, the Hyundai Engineering Team has stopped the regular manual cleaning process.
Observation: the flow rate with the Vulcan unit is now even higher than immediately after previous manual cleaning had been done.
After Vulcan S25 had been installed for 6 months, the secondary pipes were opened: scale that had been left in piping had disappeared and all 9 secondary pipes had become clean (see photo).
Observation: Biofilms in the cooling tower had disappeared since the Vulcan unit was installed.

Vulcan S100 descaler for Ice Stadium

Installed the Vulcan model S100 anti-limescale system on our premises for a five-month test phase as soon as our ice period began operating in August.
The defined objective was mainly intended for the dumpsters of our two ice resurfacers, which are filled with snow all day long and therefore subject to weekly descaling.
After a few weeks, we noticed that the scale adhered less. This makes it easier to clean our machines, saving us time and products.
The test carried out allowed us to take the time to compare the positive effects of the Vulcan S100 on our installation and that the objective set was achieved.

China – Kunshan Xingbao Plastic

After Vulcan S150 and S250 were installed, the clients are fully satisfied with their performance because they solved the scaling and iron filing problems on injection molding machines.

Beijing – Kunlun Hotel

Kunlun Hotel is a five star hotel located in Beijing and uses Vulcan systems to solve the scale problems for the gas water heaters, the pipes and shower heads. It also helped to extend the cleaning intervals, save gas and improve effeciency.

Namyslow Brewery

The problem we had faced was the scale accumulating on the grids and the cooling system. Just one month after we installed the Vulcan S25, the situation changed

Vulcan S25 for Super U Supermarkets

Vulcan S25 was installed on the water main to treat the whole building for problems caused by hard water and limescale deposits.

The Vulcan S25 descaler helped to solve the scale problems in the kitchens and bathrooms and also prevented new scale deposits. Noticeable benefits have been observed in the cooking and baking areas especially where chemical use is not permitted. Vulcan also meets the high specification of Super U supermarkets to install eco-friendly products.

Dominican Republic
Barceló Bávaro Palace

Before Vulcan S100 was installed in hotel’s main hot water line, the storage tanks had a solid 3 cm thick scale layer inside them and the pumping pressure from the booster set was at maximum while being unable to deliver adequate water pressure to the end of the line hotel rooms. After the 3 months period, an inspec

China – Shengli Oilfield

Petroleum company uses Vulcan descaler in oilfield application...

Vulcan S250 descaler for Marina Apartments

Costa Marina apartments are in a very hard water area and required a single point solution in the plant room. Vulcan was selected due to its ease of installation with no disruption to the water supply and also for the positive results from a pilot installation. The Vulcan S250 system now protects the water heaters, the piping systems and also a major reduction of limescale in each flat.

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