Will Vulcan work my pipes?

The Vulcan devices are suitable for all pipe materials; iron, copper, stainless steel, plastic and compound pipes. The effectiveness of the electronic impulse treatment is not affected by the material of the pipe.


How long does it take Vulcan to clear the pipes?

Vulcan dissolves scale and rust slowly and gently from your piping system by gradually removing scale layer by layer. It depends on the level of deposits of the existing scale.


Where is Vulcan installed?

See the Vulcan Installation video, click here → 

Vulcan units are ideally installed at the “point of entry” of the water supply. It can then treat all the water throughout the premises, having a beneficial effect on washing machines, dishwashers, hot water cylinders, sinks, showers, pipes etc.


How can I check if the Vulcan is working?

After 1-2 days you will recognise a change in the water. One of the most common sightings is that the scale you see in the kitchen and bath tub now exists as a fine powder that you can easily wipe away with a damp cloth. Improvements seen in production facilities and buildings are typically seen on the equipment itself.


Is Vulcan a magnetic system?

Vulcan does not use magnets, Vulcan uses Impulse technology fine tuned to very accurately target the liquid calcium breaking it up into a fine powder. This process also changes the water composition slightly, the result is that instead of depositing limescale; Vulcan helps to dissolve existing limescale. more→


Does the Vulcan have a softening effect on the water?

As the water treated by the Vulcan does not add or take anything away, essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium remain and does not change the water hardness.. The water will, however, feel noticeably softer. You will notice this effect when showering or washing your hair.


Is there any maintenance cost?

Vulcan units are sealed in a solid acrylic block and the technology has a 10 year international manufacturers warranty. There are no serviceable parts and no maintenance costs


How effective is Vulcan?

Vulcan systems are up to 90% efficient. However the encountered effects may vary from user to user dependant on water quality, supply, seasons, pressure and temperature.


How long has Vulcan been going?

Vulcan has been in continual development by CWT GMbH since 1948. The household range were launched in 2001.

The latest products in this impressive range of anti-limescale systems are the Vulcan X-Pro 1 for 30″ pipes and the Vulcan X-Pro 2 for 40″ pipes.


What to expect

The Vulcan effects are numerous click here →

Below are examples of how you can install Vulcan