Industrial descaler & anti-limescale system

Vulcan S150

Medium to large Commercial / Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 8″

from £23* p/wk

Vulcan S250

Medium to large Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 10″

from £30* p/wk

Vulcan S350

Medium to large Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 14″

from £38* p/wk

Vulcan S500

Large industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 20″

from £45* p/wk

Vulcan X-Pro 1

Specialist industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 30″

from £71* p/wk

Vulcan X-Pro 2

 Specialist industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 40″

from £86* p/wk

Interest Free Purchase*

CWT offers a unique facility for commercial customers to rent Vulcan systems

  • Small initial payment
  • Fixed term rental
  • monthly DD payments
  • Tax benefits
  • Improve cash flow

Removes limescale and protects in industrial applications

Reduce the limescale effect

Vulcan uses capacitive pulses to change the limescale structure to reduce visible limescale by up to 90%*. Works on all pipe types. Self install – no need to cut pipes. Water feels softer, lathers more, tastes better and is safe to drink.

Dissolves existing limescale

Vulcan helps to dissolve existing limescale from pipes and equipment by changing the carbonic balance in the water. Improves energy efficiency by up to 30%. Better water pressure and eco-friendly.


Protects against rust & corrosion

Lower repairs, maintenance, servicing and energy costs by creating a protective metal carbonate layer  to protect and prolong the lifespan of equipment and appliances. No need for salts or expensive chemical dosing.


Additional benefits..

The Vulcan treated water is capable of having and anti-scaling effect

  • up to 2km from the point of installation
  • up to 7 days if water is stored
  • up to 97ºC

Vulcan creates a protective layer

Two months after installation, there is clear evidence of the Vulcan effect creating a fine metal carbonate layer to protect pipes and equipment. As this is a copper pipe the protective layer is copper-carbonate (a green colour)

Global customers in every sector.

Vulcan descaler for facilities management

Facility Management Managing a building, hotel or business demands constant observation of all technical equipment, sanitary stations, outdoor areas, etc. Vulcan helps to improve manageability, sustainability and profitability in many areas. Vulcan helps water-fed appliances to reach their maximum life expectancy and keeps their maintenance to a minimum.

The piping system – Reduction of scale deposits in the piping system Vulcan takes away the adhesive power of scale particles so that scale is simply washed away with your water as a fine powder. New scale-formation is stopped.

Vulcan dismantles already existing deposits Vulcan carefully dissolves already existing deposits in the piping system. The scale build-up process is reversed and the pipes gradually become clean again. This take-out process will not block up your pipes or drain because the treated crystals are microscopic in size and wash away in the water.

Corrosion protection Metal pipes often suffer from pitting corrosion. The electric Vulcan impulses generate a metal-carbonate protective layer that prevents pitting corrosion. Increased water pressure Vulcan sanitizes the pipes from scale deposits and can even restore a pipe’s full diameter. Water can flow freely again and you regain normal water pressure.

Vulcan minimises rust In most cases whenever there are scale deposits you will find rust shortly thereafter. The rust typically imbeds itself n the scale deposits. Because rust oxides are red, the scale deposits in metal pipes then often appear red in color. too. When the Vulcan-treatment reduces scale, it also takes away rust with it.

Vulcan minimizes bacterial growth in pipes Thick scale deposits with their uneven surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Once the scale is gone, there are no more nesting areas where bacteria can grow.

Vulcan descaler benefits for industry

In your hotel and restaurant Kitchens and kitchen appliances Dishwashers Dishwashers operate with less detergent and less additives. The use of dishwasher detergent can be reduced by up to 25%. Typical spotting on dishware is reduced or no longer apparent.

Reverse osmosis filters Reverse osmosis filters for your tap drinking water last longer. Water filters and RO-membranes will work more efficiently and the permeate is easier to handle.

Grease Traps Vulcan improves the handling of grease separators in two ways: The grease that is collected on top forms less clusters and is more homogeneous which makes it easier to pump it into an external tank. The Vulcan-treatment also prevents the remaining water from scaling in the tank; pipes, valves and pumps stay cleaner.

Laundry and washing machines Cleaning is more effective as Vulcan-treated water lathers noticeably more. The same amount of detergent will give you better cleaning results. You can often reduce the amount of washing detergents in your daily use or stay away from very aggressive agents. Furthermore, Vulcan extends the life of the machine’s heating element.

Cleaner bathrooms Shinier, smoother surfaces in the bathroom again on baths, sinks, fixtures, shower heads, etc. You will quickly notice that scale is still visible but acts like a fine ‘dust’ which can be removed easily with a damp cloth. Notably less cleaning agents are needed and the use of harsh detergents can now be avoided. This saves many hours when cleaning the rooms.

The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology treats the water with special electronic impulses that take away the adhesive power of the scale. Scale is simply washed away with the water as a fine powder. Vulcan provides a salt-free and chemical-free solution for all types of scale-related problems in many industrial applications.

  • Maximised life of production equipment
  • Lengthens maintenance intervals Increase in overall productivity
  • More efficient use of energy consumption
  • Reduction of chemical and salt costs
  • An easier and less-frequent cleaning process
  • No production loss during installation
  • A fast pay-back of acquisition costs
  • Productivity increase due to the reduction of scale incrustations
  • Inexpensive installation without interruption of production
  • Spend less on maintenance of machinery
  • More efficient use of energy costs
  • Fast amortisation of acquisition costs
  • Easy cleaning and no need to apply acids to cooling towers
  • Reduces chemical use in many areas
  • Maximum working life of expensive production equipment
  • More reliable water supply
  • From 1⁄2″ up to 40″ pipe diameter
  • Works on all pipe materials – iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, compound pipes, PE-X, etc.

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