Vulcan descaler for hotels and hospitality

Benefits for your hotel and hospitality

  • Longer life and improved performance of appliances
  • Reduction in cleaning time and labour costs
  • Reduction in heating costs
  • Fewer maintenance visits required on water heaters, washing machines etc.
  • Savings on soap and cleaning agents
  • Softer towels and bed linen
  • Longer life span of all appliances and pipes (washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, water heaters, etc.).
  • Fewer maintenance visits required on water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.
  • Savings on shampoo, soap or expensive skin care products.
  • Savings of up to 50% on laundry detergent.
  • No need of de-scaling of water heater every two years by a specialist.
  • Reduction in cleaning time and labour costs.
  • Savings on softeners for your washing machine.
  • Minimal use of salt/soap for your dishwasher.
  • Savings on aggressive cleaning agents.

Vulcan – The alternative to water softeners

The hospitality industry goes through a large quantity of water on a daily basis. Restaurants need water for food preparation, such as drinking water and in the kitchen. Furthermore, laundry service, swimming pools, heating or cooling tower operations are just a few examples how hotels utilise water.

The eco-friendly solution

Vulcan significantly reduces scaling in and around the swimming pool, in the whole piping system and in the lters and pumps. Vulcan treats water with special electronic impulses that affect the adhesive properties of scale. This is 100% eco-friendly and works without any chemicals or salt. Scale is simply washed away with the water as a fine powder.

Savings on Cleaning & Maintenance

Restaurant kitchens often have problems with scale deposits, bacterial growth or unpleasant odors. Several studies explain the bene ts of Vulcan in applications such as ice machines, grease traps and kitchen equipment. Pictures a/b show the results in a grease trap before and after treatment. As Vulcan works without chemicals or salt, the natural taste of water is preserved. Vulcan reduces the amount of scale deposits. It offers you a permanent solution without ongoing costs, repairs or replacements.

Vulcan limescale remover for hotels and hospitality

The cleanliness of the restaurant, hotel and for anyone operating in the hospitality industry is of paramount importance. The main objective is to create a specific look and feel that helps to encourage customers that you ‘care’. Presenting your customers with quality, style and that brings with it a good reputation and success.

The pressures for establishments to cut operational costs and improve efficiency, companies look at almost every sector. One area that is clearly overlooked is the water supply and the inherent limescale problems this brings into your business. Businesses use high volumes of water and it is important to have the correct water treatment system in place to prevent limescale, which may otherwise lead to expensive breakdowns and unwanted machine downtime.

Repairs, replacement, servicing and maintenance caused by limescale deposits costs the UK an estimated £2 billion every year. We estimate that hard water is responsible for up to 70% of equipment failure, be it a washing machine, dishwasher or a range of commercial equipment through limescale deposits or by rust and corrosion. It is important to consider water treatment as part of any capital equipment expenditure review to help eliminate unnecessary costs to your business.

Whilst there are many options on the marketplace; water softeners, chemicals, magnets, magnetic systems or metal alloys – all claiming major benefits. There is but one that stands out, a technologically advanced product manufactured in Germany with a proven track record with some of the worlds largest commercial and industrial businesses. Vulcan anti-limescale systems is NOT magnetic and will work on all pipe types; be it metal, iron, copper, plastic, compound or MDPE.

Vulcan generates over 300 individual capacitive pulses to dismantle the molecular bonds of the limescale structure. This change leads to three major benefits;

  • Limescale simply washes away minimising the visible deposits;
  • Dissolves existing limescale deposits in pipes and equipment;
  • Creates a fine protective metal carbonate layer to protect pipes, equipment and appliances from rust and corrosion.

All the above factors lower repair, maintenance and cleaning costs; protecting and prolonging the lifespan of your pipes and equipment. Additionally the Vulcan system can helps to improve energy efficiency by up to 30%. Made to the highest German Quality standards with an average lifespan of 30 years, the Vulcan systems come in a range of sizes to accommodate pipe diameters from 15mm up to 1meter wide and can treat water volumes from 1 litre per hour to over 1000m3 p/h

Buy/Rent a Vulcan system*

CWT offers a unique facility for commercial customers to rent Vulcan systems

  • Small initial payment
  • Fixed term rental
  • monthly DD payments
  • Tax benefits
  • Improve cash flow

Some of our Key Customers worldwide

Commercial and industrial descaler

Vulcan S10

small commercial descaler for pipe diameters up to 3"

Vulcan S25

small commercial descaler for pipe diameters up to 4"

Vulcan S50

medium commercial descaler for pipe diameters up to 5"

Vulcan S100

large commercial descaler  for pipe diameters up to 6"

Vulcan S150

commercial & industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 8"

Vulcan S250

Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 10"

Vulcan S350

Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 14"

Vulcan S500

Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 20"

Vulcan X-Pro 1

 Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 30"

Vulcan X-Pro 2

 Industrial descaler for pipe diameters up to 40"


10 year international warranty, approximate lifespan - 30 years

Made in Germany

CWT has been producing Vulcan systems in Germany since 1948.

Today it is a global brand available in over 70 countries

Vulcan Quality Certifications

UL Approval

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an international institution for safety and quality based in Illinois, USA. The UL-mark signifies that UL has evaluated and tested the electronics within the product to ensure that it fulfils strict guidelines for safety. All switching power adaptors for Vulcan comply with international standards and meet these safety requirements.

CE Approval

The CE mark indicates that a product meets German and EU consumer safety, health and environmental regulations. “CWT hereby declares that this product is operating in accordance with the following EU guidelines: 73/23/EG; 89/336/EG, which are certified by the CE-mark. The equipment corresponds to the requirements of the German Industrial Safety ACT and European low-voltage guidelines.”

The German TÜV/GS

The TÜV is an independent German institute that determines product reliability and safety. The TÜV/GS mark indicates that a product has passed tests, follows the TÜV/GS’s strict guidelines and is certified for safety in accordance with the “German Equipment Safety Law.” The GS mark includes regular factory inspections and certifies system quality in the production process. 

Certificate of Origin: Germany

The CO (Certificate of Origin) officially indicates the country in which goods originate. In Germany, this certificate is issued by the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK). It indicates German origin after a comprehensive investigation as to the origin of each of the product’s individual parts and the production site in Germany.