Safe to drink water

Healthy minerals remain in the water.
Water is safe to drink and use – No Salts, chemicals or metal alloys

Save up to 30% on Energy Costs

by eliminating limescale from pipes, appliances, equipment and heating systems


No need for salt, chemicals or magnets.
Suitable for Residential, Commercial & Industrial use

Save on Repairs & Renewals

prolongs the life of appliances & equipment

Reduce Limescale Deposits

from Kitchen and Bathroom surfaces, shower nozzles, aerators & basins

Works on all Pipe Types

Vulcan works on copper, metal and plastic pipes from 15mm to 500mm

Removes existing Limescale

from pipes, appliances and equipment. Sanitises entire pipe system

Easy self Install

No tools required and no ongoing servicing or maintenance costs


Pipes, equipment, appliances and water heaters from rust & corrosion

Where to buy

contact CWT directly or one of our resellers

How does the Vulcan system works

Simple installation

video on how easy it is to install

Vulcan De-scaler Benefits

Vulcan provides you with even more innovative products to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximise revenue by combating the problems of limescale within residential, commercial and industrial environment.

Reduce the limescale effect

Vulcan uses capacitive pulses to change the limescale structure to reduce visible limescale by up to 90%*. Works on all pipe types. Self install – no need to cut pipes. Water feels softer, lathers more, tastes better and is safe to drink.

Dissolves existing limescale

Vulcan helps to dissolve existing limescale from pipes and equipment by changing the carbonic balance in the water. Improves energy efficiency by up to 30%. Better water pressure and eco-friendly.

 Protects against rust & corrosion

Lower repairs, maintenance, servicing and energy costs by creating a protective metal carbonate layer  to protect and prolong the lifespan of equipment and appliances. No need for salts or expensive chemical dosing.

Effects & benefits of Vulcan

Beneficial effects of the superior Vulcan technology without using salt, chemicals or metal alloys. Works on all pipe types – metal, copper, iron, plastic, compound and MDPE.

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