Vulcan S250 descaler for Marina Apartments

Vulcan S250 for Apartments

Costa Marina apartments are in a very hard water area and required a single point solution in the plant room. Vulcan was selected due to its ease of installation with no disruption to the water supply and also for the positive results from a pilot installation. The Vulcan S250 system now protects the water heaters, the piping systems and also a major reduction of limescale in each flat.

Vulcan S100 descaler for Ice Stadium

Vulcan S100 descaler for Salon de l‘immobilier Neuchâtelois

The defined objective was mainly intended for the dumpsters of our two ice resurfacers, which are filled with snow all day long and therefore subject to weekly descaling.
After a few weeks, we noticed that the scale adhered less. This makes it easier to clean our machines, saving us time and products.
The test carried out allowed us to take the time to compare the positive effects of the Vulcan S100 on our installation and that the objective set was achieved.

Vulcan S25 for Super U Supermarkets

Super U supermarkets choses Vulcan S25 descaler

Vulcan S25 was installed on the water main to treat the whole building for problems caused by hard water and limescale deposits.

The Vulcan S25 descaler helped to solve the scale problems in the kitchens and bathrooms and also prevented new scale deposits. Noticeable benefits have been observed in the cooking and baking areas especially where chemical use is not permitted. Vulcan also meets the high specification of Super U supermarkets to install eco-friendly products.

Nissan Motors specifies Vulcan S25 descaler

Hyundai Motors uses Vulcan S25 descaler for pipes, equipment and cooling towers

Since Vulcan S25 was installed, the Hyundai Engineering Team has stopped the regular manual cleaning process.
Observation: the flow rate with the Vulcan unit is now even higher than immediately after previous manual cleaning had been done.

After Vulcan S25 had been installed for 6 months, the secondary pipes were opened: scale that had been left in piping had disappeared and all 9 secondary pipes had become clean (see photo).
Observation: Biofilms in the cooling tower had disappeared since the Vulcan unit was installed.

Beijing – Kunlun Hotel

Kunlun Hotel uses Vulcan systems for limescale problems

Kunlun Hotel is a five star hotel located in Beijing and uses Vulcan systems to solve the scale problems for the gas water heaters, the pipes and shower heads. It also helped to extend the cleaning intervals, save gas and improve effeciency.

China – Kunshan Xingbao Plastic

Plastic moulding factory uses Vulcan descaler to solve limescale problems

After Vulcan S150 and S250 were installed, the clients are fully satisfied with their performance because they solved the scaling and iron filing problems on injection molding machines.

The injection molding machine had been scaled badly for years, so it was always difficult to clean the pipe, especially the heat exchanger of the mold temperature controller. The traditional cleaning way is to use a chemical, but it is costly and difficult, and it also harms the heat exchangers and pipelines.

China – Shengli Oilfield

Petroleum company uses Vulcan descaler in oilfield application

Installation purpose – The gas heats the water in the furnace, then the hot water heats the tubes, so that the water temperature in the tubes rises from 40 °C to 70 °C. The water in the tubes passes through the pump, transported to various wells.
However, the heat exchanger efficiency is decreasing because of scale in the tubes. More gas has to be used to heat the furnace, so that the energy consumption is increased.

Result – After installing the Vulcan S25 for 6 months, we found that there is no additional electricity usage, and the overall heat exchanger efficiency is still at 80%. We approved Vulcan and will make the follow-up purchase for the whole project.

Dubai – Emaar Marina Plaza

Prestigious Dubai Tower uses Vulcan descaler systems

Emaar Marina Plaza used Vulcan Anti-limescale technology

  • To keep cooling towers efficient and stop dosing process
  • To keep pipes and machinery free of scale and rust
  • To reduce cost of maintenance, materials and labor time

A prestigious office location, just off Interchange No 5 on Sheikh Zayed Road, Marina Plaza forms part of the Dubai Marina Mall and Address Marina Hotel complex. The building has 165 inspiring office spaces for businesses; as well as five retail units. The location is perfect for occupiers to enjoy the nearby facilities of the marina in their spare time and the two metro stations, Damac Properties and Jumeirah Lakes Towers, are ideal for commuters.

Dominican Republic
Barceló Bávaro Palace

Vulcan installation at Barceló Bávaro Palace Hotels & Resorts

Vulcan installation at Barceló Bávaro Palace Hotels & Resorts

2 x S100 in hotel’s main hot water lines
3 x S250 for cooling towers
4 x S500 for cooling towers

Most of the hotels in the area of Bavaro/Punta Cana in eastern Dominican Republic depend on ground water wells for their domestic water supply, using traditional water softening equipment to reduce the scale and hardness of the water. The fact is that some of these resorts have very poor maintenance resulting in extensive scaling of cooling towers and domestic hot water piping and equipment.

Namyslow Brewery

Vulcan installation at the Namyslow Brewery

Vulcan installation at the Namyslow Brewery

The problem we had faced was the scale accumulating on the grids and the cooling system. Just one month after we installed the Vulcan S25, the situation changed considerably. Although calcium still accumulates outside, it can be easily removed without chemicals or too much effort as it settles out in the form of powder.
The conclusion is as follows: the unit has fully met our expectations. It is a highly effective electronic anti-scale unit. It significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs of the production equipment at the enterprise.