Solar Heating Brochure

Vulcan – The alternative to water softeners Using solar powered water heaters are a smart green alternative to traditional heating methods. They utilize sustainable resources, help the environment and save money. In order to ensure the effective performance of these eco-friendly heating systems, engineers recommend the use of an anti-scale product.
Improved water quality Hard water naturally forms scale when there is an increase in temperature or change of pressure. This leaves deposits on the tubes, the heat exchangers, the collectors or tanks. The scale prevents heat from transferring efficiently, therefore the working capacity of your machinery is minimized, increasing your back-up energy bill. Vulcan reduces scaling and effectively dissolves existing deposits in solar water heating systems.
  • Cleaner heat exchangers and distributor pipes
  • Reduces scale build-up in collectors
  • Protects hot water tanks and vacuum tubes
  • Protects the system from over-heating
  • No need to circulate acids
  • pH levels remain unchanged, preventing corrosion
  • Reduces malfunctioning of valves in primary circuits
  • Fewer maintenance visits required for your equipment