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Benefits for your Poultry Farm Incubators stay clean and the humidifi- cation system operates better; Improved effectiveness of cooled refridgeration equipment; Cleaner drinking cones and cooling panels; Nipple drinkers, bell drinkers and spray nozzles are clear of blockages; Increased performance of water heaters; Decrease of bacteria and algae levels; Decrease of poultry leg infection
Scale is a big problem in farming. When hard water is used, scale deposits will decrease the efficiency of your whole poultry farm. This will cost you a lot of time, money and energy. Scale deposits are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and algae. Illnesses, infections and a decrease in healthy bird growth are the results.
Healthy water for healthier animals Vulcan provides fresh and healthy water for your animals. The animals‘ health is improved as bacterial and algae growth is reduced by Vulcan. The reduction of algae levels in the water leads to a substantial improvement in the water‘s taste. This motivates more drinking which typically raises animal health. You will see better growth rates and less illness (e.g. reduction in poultry leg infection).
  • Reduction of scale in pipes, sprinklers and filters
  • Promoting healthier and greener turf
  • No need of salt or aggressive chemicals
  • Less time and effort spent on cleaning
  • Fruits and vegetables keep their natural taste
  • Minimising the need for fertilizers and pesticides
  • Cleaner sprinkler nozzles for garden irrigation
  • Food and beverages keep their natural taste
  • Reduction of existing scale in the piping system
  • Installation without cutting the pipe
  • From 1⁄2″ up to 20″ pipe diameter
  • Works on all pipe materials – iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, compound pipes, PE-X, etc.
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly solution without salt or chemicals
  • Prolongs life of machinery and equipment
  • Important minerals remain in the water
  • Long life – fully cast in acrylic
  • 10 year international warranty
Increased productivity on your farm; Improved effectiveness of refrigeration equipment; Maximises life of appliances and equipment; Cleaner drinking cones and cooling panels; Increased performance of water heaters; Decrease of bacteria and algae levels; Decrease of infections and illnesses