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Vulcan – the alternative to water softeners Water is a valuable resource which needs to be managed properly to maximize efficient usage. When hard water is used in the operation of golf courses, it often leads to serious scale and rust issues. Hard water can cause problems throughout the clubhouse, water based appliances, irrigation systems and sprinklers. Vulcan treats your water without the need of a softener, salt, extensive chemical use andon-going maintenance.
Scale free sprinkler systems The gradual build-up of scale in irrigation systems and sprinklers usually require constant ushing and labor intensive cleaning. Vulcan treats the water with special electronic impulses, resulting in increased water pressure and signi cantly less blockages. Your sprinklers will be spraying more evenly and the nozzles and heads will require less maintenance and replacements.
  • Reduction of scale in pipes, sprinklers and filters
  • Promoting healthier and greener turf
  • No need of salt or aggressive chemicals
  • Less time and effort spent on cleaning
  • Fruits and vegetables keep their natural taste
  • Minimising the need for fertilizers and pesticides
  • Cleaner sprinkler nozzles for garden irrigation
  • Food and beverages keep their natural taste
  • Reduction of existing scale in the piping system
  • Installation without cutting the pipe
  • From 1⁄2″ up to 20″ pipe diameter
  • Works on all pipe materials – iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, compound pipes, PE-X, etc.
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly solution without salt or chemicals
  • Prolongs life of machinery and equipment
  • Important minerals remain in the water
  • Long life – fully cast in acrylic
  • 10 year international warranty


Case Study: Las Misiones Golf Course “In Las Misiones Golf Course, we were constantly experiencing problems with scale deposits inside our PVC irrigation pipes, throughout our sprinkler system and nozzles. Two months after the installation, the scale deposits inside our irrigation pipes had decreased dramatically and our sprinkler system is now spraying evenly. Also, we no longer have to replace the nozzle heads and lters every two months.”