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The eco-friendly solution Often scale acts as a magnifying glass with its crystal structures, which burns the plants. Saltbased ion exchangers have a negative effect on the environment in agricultural applications because of residual nitrates that leach into the ground water. Because of this salty discharge, traditional water softeners are not ecofriendly. With strict regulations and restrictions on enterprises using “Eco- Friendly” or “Organically Grown” labels, Vulcan’s chemical-free method is the solution of choice.
Vulcan provides fresh water With Vulcan, it is easier for plants to absorb the water. Vulcan is not only effective in the case of irrigation, but also in providing fresh water to lifestock and poultry. In these applications, the clearing of nozzles and general maintenance of your water-related equipment will be required at much longer intervals. Bacteria will neither have a host environment to thrive in nor will not be able to accumulate and negatively affect plants and livestock.
  • Reduction of scale in pipes, sprinklers and filters
  • Promoting healthier and greener turf
  • No need of salt or aggressive chemicals
  • Less time and effort spent on cleaning
  • Fruits and vegetables keep their natural taste
  • Minimising the need for fertilizers and pesticides
  • Cleaner sprinkler nozzles for garden irrigation
  • Food and beverages keep their natural taste
  • Reduction of existing scale in the piping system
  • Installation without cutting the pipe
  • From 1⁄2″ up to 20″ pipe diameter
  • Works on all pipe materials – iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, compound pipes, PE-X, etc.
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly solution without salt or chemicals
  • Prolongs life of machinery and equipment
  • Important minerals remain in the water
  • Long life – fully cast in acrylic
  • 10 year international warranty
Application examples Irrigation fields and sprinklers Organic food plants Livestock farming Green houses Vineyards Fruit plantations