Snow Production Ice Rinks  Brochure

The Vulcan eco-friendly water treatment system works without salt or chemicals. improves the water quality and maximizes your snow production for better snow that lasts longer. The quality and quantity of snow in snow production is largely affected by the water quality. The Vulcan Electronic – Impulse – Technology changes the typical crystal structure of scale – from a chaotic clutter into a well aligned mono-crystal. The water droplets are finer, which allows you to produce more snow with a better snow crystal structure that will last longer.

Better water characteristics for snowmaking

  • Vulcan prevents scaling in water heaters, pipes and ice resurfacers (e.g. Zamboni or Olympia)
  • Faster Quasi Liquid Layer setup time
  • Finer ice crystals with a decrease of diameter (-20%) and a decrease of volume (-45%)
  • Water surface tension decreases by 15 – 20%
  • Vulcan produces mono-crystal nucleuses in the water that form organized, more stable ice and snow crystals
  • Soft-water-characteristics result in finer mist and pulverization with finer droplets
  • Vulcan prevents scale buildup in the pipe and the nozzles

Improvement of your snow production

  • Improvement of snow structure, water content, density, snow temperature and grain size
  • Vulcan prevents scaling up of the cannon‘s spray nozzles
  • Maximized production output with less water loss
  • Finer snow crystals with a decrease of diameter (-20%) and a decrease of volume (-45%) The finer water droplets freeze earlier
  • Snow is dryer as it contains less unfrozen water
  • Smaller and dryer crystals have a lower temperature of approx. -2.5°C/ -4.5°F